Business Need and Development of Problem Statement Essay

Business Need and Development of Problem Statement Essay

Business Need and Development of Problem Statement Essay

Healthcare organizations’ success and improved operations require that the leaders take proactive steps and ensure that frequent analysis of a potential gap or issue is accomplished. Such an analysis enables the proposal of possible solutions that can help address the problem and ensure that the organization continues to perform at acceptable levels (LoBiondo-Wood& Haber, 2021). Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to investigate an organizational issue at the practicum site and identify a new opportunity or problem that be remediated using an informatics solution. In addition, this paper will describe the departments that are directly affected by the issues and the impact, a possible solution to address the gap, possible limitations and advantages, and limitations of using technology and information science to solve the problem. Besides, the write-up will describe how the proposed solution supports the organization’s operations, overall strategy, and objectives.

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The Identified Issue

The identified issue is on the nursing orders in the emergency department. The nursing orders need some revision so that the emergency department can function more effectively. As such, a revision of the current order list that reflects the tasks done in the emergency department should be undertaken to eliminate obsolete and redundant information and improve the flow of the nursing orders. The current nursing orders are full of redundancy and obsolete information, reducing efficiency in the emergency department and hence unfulfilled business need.

Problem Statement

Patient care in the emergency department requires well-defined and planned protocols to optimize patient care. The implication is that various strategies for enhancing patient care, such as nursing orders, should be aligned in a way that the output reflects the list of tasks performed at the emergency department only for easier follow-up. In addition, such a revision should go along the way to eliminating redundant and obsolete tasks to improve flow. Poor flow leads to adverse impacts such as delays in attending to patients who may be in need of urgent attention, departmental crowding, and poor outcomes to patients visiting the emergency department (De Freitas et al., 2018). Therefore, there is a need to formulate better nursing orders that can eliminate redundancy and obsoleteness.

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Business Need and Development of Problem Statement Essay

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The Departments Directly Affected and the Impact of the Issue

The issue of redundancy and obsoleteness in the nursing orders impact various department. The main department that is affected is the emergency department. Due to the problem, the tasks performed at the emergency department are not well displayed, leading to poor assigning of nurses to perform various tasks (LoBiondo-Wood& Haber, 2021). This leads to either over-assigning or under-assigning of the tasks to the available nurses. The other department that is directly impacted by the problem is the human resource department responsible for hiring nurses. Without proper alignment of nursing orders, redundancy results make it difficult for the human resources to know whether there is a need to hire more nurses as redundancy and obsoleteness bring confusion.

Additional Consequences of the Issue for Organizational Performance, Stakeholder and Budget

Organizational performance is measured as a collective value of the performances of individual departments. Therefore, if one department has some malfunction, then the performance of the organization is notably impacted. The problem leads to slow processes in patient admission, treatment, and discharge. Such delays put the organization in the wrong light and negative views, which impacts the organization’s business. Various stakeholders are also impacted. For example, patients end up having poorer outcomes while the patient’s family members have to face longer processes of admission into the emergency department, delayed treatment of the patients as well as longer processes of patient discharge (Morley et al., 2018). The problem also impacts the organization’s budget. Indeed, the organizations may need to hire more nursing staff when in reality, what should have been done is to eliminate redundancy and obsoleteness of the tasks that need to be accomplished. The result is a strain on the already scarce hospital resources and higher spending.

The Proposed Solution That Can be Implemented to Address the Issue

As earlier indicated, the issue is having negative impacts on various departments, chief among them being the emergency department. Therefore, there is a need to formulate a solution that can amicably solve the problem. The redundant and obsolete orders need to be eliminated or deleted. While the redundant orders are repeated orders written down for no reason, the obsolete orders entail the orders that are incomplete, incorrect, or are no longer in use since they have been superseded by the most current orders. The proposed solution is the use of Excel to come up with spreadsheets that can be used to manage the nursing orders by identifying and deleting the orders that are supposed to be deleted. Using the Excel spreadsheet, it will be easier to identify and delete the redundant and obsolete data as appropriate. The expected result is better-aligned orders that can be helpful in improving the emergency department performance.

Advantages and Limitations of Using Information Science and Technology to Solve the Problem

Various advantages include automation of the process hence easier and more accurate management. In addition, the use of information science and technology improves the speed at which the orders are formulated hence better outcomes. On the other hand, using information science and technology may need high amounts of money or funding, making it expensive to start (Lee & Yoon, 2017). System failure can lead to the loss of valuable information

How the Solution Supports the Organization’s Operations, Strategy, and Objectives

The organization operates to offer efficient and high-quality services to patients in every department, a strategy that the solution will only reinforce. One of the organization’s objectives is to offer a conducive working environment to the staff. The proposed solution will ensure that the orders are well aligned hence making the work of nurses easier.


It is vital to identify possible gaps or issues that may impact the effectiveness of an organization or its departments. Therefore, this write-up has identified redundancy and obsoleteness of the nursing orders in the emergency department at the practicum setting and a possible solution. It is hoped that the solution will adequately address the problem to improve the effectiveness of nursing orders in the emergency department.


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For this assignment, you will identify a business need and develop the problem statement for your practicum project. You will use this problem statement for all subsequent assignments.

Investigate an organizational gap or issue at your practicum site and identify a problem or new opportunity that that can be addressed through an informatics solution. Based on your findings, write a 750- to 1,000-word paper that defines the problem or opportunity and explains how it can be addressed through an informatics solution.

Meet with your mentor/preceptor and any appropriate stakeholders to review your problem statement. Ensure the problem or opportunity is accurately identified and the proposed solution is appropriate for the organization in meeting a business need.

Include the following:

Discuss the issue or gap identified during your investigation and explain what business need is not being met.
Create a problem statement that can be used to provide a snapshot of the issue or gap and the proposed solution.
Describe the departments directly affected and discuss the impact the issue or gap has on them.
Discuss any additional consequences of the issue or gap for organizational performance, other stakeholders, budget, etc.
Propose a clinical, technological, or process-related solution that can be implemented to address the identified issue or gap. ( I will utilize EXCEL to develop spreadsheets to identify those orders that need to be deleted. ) Explain how the proposed solution addresses the issue or gap for the departments and how it fulfills the specified business need.
Evaluate the advantages and limitations of using information science and technology to solve the problem.
Describe how the proposed informatics solution supports the organization’s objectives and overall strategy and operations.

The problem identified by my preceptor that I will be doing my project on is to enhance the effectiveness of Nursing orders in the ED. There are nursing orders in need of revision in order to make the ED run more effectively is to Review ED Nursing orders. Revise current order list to reflect tasks performed in the ER only, eliminating obsolete and redundant and floor Nurses orders.

You are required to cite a minimum of three scholarly resources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the past 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and health care and health informatics content

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