Advocacy Strategies Essay

Advocacy Strategies Essay

Advocacy Strategies

Leaders can utilize a variety of advocacy techniques to bring about positive change in the workplace. A leader’s leadership characteristics have far-reaching consequences in the profession as well as in enhancing patient outcomes. As a leader, I would implement a peer advocacy strategy to effect positive change within the company. Peer advocacy entails swaying people’s opinions and decisions by ensuring that they are aware of relevant problems. I will be able to advocate and address the needs of individuals who are unable to speak for themselves through peer advocacy (Clark, 2018). Because everyone in the organization feels included and part of the organization, providing one-on-one help to employees fosters effective change implementation.


A leader can also use strategies such as evaluating work capacity on the ground to ensure the nurse-patient ratio is within a range that is safe to avoid medical blunders and patient care matters, empower nurses, and be anactive leader in supporting nurses who are overwhelmed by the assignment (Murray & Cope, 2021). I will ensure that nurses have the materials they require to offer patient care, communicate with doctors to guarantee patients with changing conditions are attended to and treatment is given to them before their statedeteriorates, and empower nurses to be proactive leaders in assisting nurses who are overwhelmed by the assignment.

I wasa clinical unit supervisor at the hospital where I was working. It was my responsibility to keep the workplace running smoothly and safely. Being a leader necessitates the capacity to communicate openly and respectfully with others, to treat everyone equally, and to motivate nurses to provide safe and effective care. Being a clinical unit supervisor, I always ensured that everyone feels comfortable while working under my supervision. I did this by taking the initiative and having a positive attitude, making the working environment happy and healthy to work in, and making myself known and easy to be approached by all the nurses. This really made my work as clinical unit supervisor much easier since any problem that came upwas reported to me comfortably as I was approachable, had a positive attitude towards the work and everyone and I also communicated openly and respectfully with everyone.

Considering all that I did, I still feel I did not do enough as a leader. As a leader,I would have set goals of every work being done and provide feedback as necessary. I would have also encouraged personal growth and independence for all the nurses to help them think beyond their careers. I would have also employed powerful yet easy strategies to keep others engaged in order to discourage idleness in the workplace (Tomajan, 2020).

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Advocacy Strategies Essay

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The influence of leadership can be far-reaching in practice and improving patient outcomes even when not in a formal role. Describe advocacy strategies that you can use as a leader to create positive change in your current workplace. In response to peers, describe a time when you provided leadership and the outcome. Was there anything that you would do differently?

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