Adolescence Pregnancy Essay

Adolescence Pregnancy Essay

Adolescence Pregnancy Essay

The adolescence period is one of the most challenging developmental stages to negotiate for most individuals. While both boys and girls usually face serious challenges during this time, it is worth noting that the girls face arguably more of those problems. Besides the problems both sexes face together, girls face further issues such as possible adolescent pregnancy (Mohr et al., 2020). Adolescent pregnancy has been shown to pose serious health risks to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, the stakeholders should look for better strategies to address the issue. Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to explore risk factors for adolescent pregnancy. In addition, various community and state resources are devoted to addressing teenage pregnancies, and a discussion on the trends in teen pregnancy in Texas and the reason behind the trends will be discussed.

Adolescent Pregnancy Risk Factors

Adolescent pregnancy is one of the social problems connected to adolescents and has been shown to lead to various adverse impacts. There are various adolescent pregnancy risk factors. These risk factors can either be personal or individual risk factors, social risk factors, and family risk factors. Some of the individual risk factors include lack of life-set goals regarding the future, limited education, low self-esteem, drug or alcohol use, lack of spiritual life, early onset of poverty, and having siblings who are sexually active (Ochen et al., 2019). Some of the social risk factors include peer pressure, poor peer relationships, and having friends who are sexually active. The family risk factor includes a history of teenage pregnancies, poor parental supervision, negative family interactions, and limited communication between the teenagers and their parents.


Community and State Resources Devoted to Adolescent Pregnancy

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Adolescence Pregnancy Essay

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The adverse impacts of adolescent pregnancy have seen various stakeholders advocating for resources to address the problem. Some of such resources are community-based, while others are State-based. Leander community has various resources; for example, the Young Parent Services, which was previously known as Pregnancy-Related Services, offer community resources, parent and child health information, emotional support, and academic guidance. The State of Texas also has various resources devoted to adolescent pregnancy. One of the resources is the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (Jeniffer, 2020). This is an organization that was started in the year 2009 to help address teen pregnancy rates through advocacy and public policy, research and data, training and events, and strategic collaboration.

Teen Pregnancy Rates in Leander and Texas

Teen pregnancy is a phenomenon that has been, therefore, years and is still a common occurrence. While some regions have high rates of teen pregnancy, other regions have considerably lower rates. In the last ten years, the Leander community. While there are no official statistics on teen pregnancy in the Leander community, the State of Texas has statistics indicating the teen pregnancy rates are high. The most recent data places Texas in the top ten regarding rates of teen pregnancy in various States. The recent rate is at 25.3, making it one of the highest (Tac, 2020). In recent years, there has been a general decline in pregnancy rates not only in Texas but also in the US. Some of the possible cause of decline is increased use of contraceptives among teens and improved education regarding sexual development and sexual behavior.


Teen pregnancy is one of the most common problems facing female teenagers in the current world. While this issue has been there for some time, various strategies for overcoming it have not been as successful as wished. Therefore, this write-up has explored various risk factors for teen pregnancy and community and state resources devoted to teen pregnancy.


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Adolescent pregnancy is viewed as a high-risk situation because it poses serious health risks for the mother and the baby. Describe various risk factors or precursors to adolescent pregnancy. Research community and state resources devoted in adolescent pregnancy and describe at least two of these resources. Research the teen pregnancy rates for the last 10 years for your state (TEXAS) and community(LEANDER ). Has this rate increased or decreased? Discuss possible reasons for an increase or decrease.

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